Friday, May 29, 2009

Changing Formula...

So last night we changed formula. I've been so used to his Similac NeoSure that changing to a different kind made me sad! (haha) I really was trying to hold off, but in order for him to progress to being able to drink milk, his doctor said he should be put on a non-preemie formula, so he now is on Enfamil Lipil. I've been a bit worried this past day about him changing formulas due to me not knowing how he would react to it, well low & behold I got a great present of him spitting up while we were at the doctors office, it was every where & I got a little panicked because I havent had him do that in a while. Thankfully the reception ladies are amazing & helped me clean up the little/big mess. Poor little guy! Well we went back & Lowell got weighed, he is 18lbs 15oz! :) He's getting big but not gaining weight like normal either... but he is crazy active so I'm assuming that is why! Anywho I asked the doctor about doing like partial NeoSure to the Lipil & he said yeah that would be a good idea... I would have thought he should have told me sooner, like before I switched Lowell to the new formula, but oh well. Now I have to go buy more NeoSure due to the fact I told the pharmacy we don't need it sent to us anymore because WIC would cover his new kind. Well I'm off to bed, I just finally found my camera from last weekend so next week I will upload them so you all can enjoy Lowell out in the wilderness camping!! :) He is seriously sooo cute!! Oh & by the way his pink eye has gotten significantly better & pretty much completely gone away.. yay!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm sure I will have pics up soon enough of this past week. 1st camping trip, 1st pink eye, & 1st black eye! :( this week he has been sooooo clumsy while crawling & sometimes even when standing up, he bumps his head into the floor atleast once a day, typically 3 or 4 times. It's so sad & he has a complete melt downs. Of course I know I would be super upset too, for the near fact we have wood floors :( Goodness!! Today he I think was trying to stand up onto our glider rocker and bonked his head into the wood on it, resulting in a nice black eye on his left eye! :( It's bad & I felt horrible!! On top of that it looks even worse since that is his pink-eye eye! I hope & pray it will all heal itself soon!



new updates on lowell:

  • he stands up on to everything very well
  • he walks around/along things, but not a whole ton
  • high fives when you place your hand out (well more of a "low" five)
  • he still is very selective on sitting and has a hard time keeping a straight back
  • he almost has down crawling to sitting but keeps one leg back/to the side to keep his balance (hard 2 explain), he doesn't have both feet in front of him
  • when standing to get down he bends his knees & then puts down his hands to the floor, which i feel is really good. lots of babies just lean back and fall onto their behinds
  • loves saying "dada"
  • waves when someone says "hi" or "bye"
  • is starting to eat more & more "non" baby food
  • has two bottom teeth & four top
  • is very alert and realizes when someone is leaving (he gets very emotional with separation)
  • knows when we talk firmly he is in trouble and gets super sad :( he defintally knows how to pull off a good sad face.
  • has been going to sleep at 730pm waking up around 2am to eat (have one bottle) then sleeping until 8am-ish
  • he enjoys laughing and waving at our puppy gus & basically any animal
  • bending his knees up & down to dance while music is playing is on of his favorite things

but most of all out of anything & everything.. HE LOVES HIS MOMMY & DADDY VERY MUCH!! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

1st camping trip!

this weekend we decided to take our 1st camping trip to philbrook which is about an hour up north from our house, overall it was really fun but we had to come home a day early due to me realizing the possibility that lowell had pink eye. :( so yesterday we came home & i took him to the doctor & they said that he did. Poor kid! Luckily I took him in before it got really bad. They kept on asking if he has been waking up with his eyes gooed shut, but he never has just earlier yesterday morning I realized it was pinkish and about 4 hours later when we got home & i took him to the doctor it was bright red! :( It still is pinkish/red but looks better than it did last night. They gave me this ointment to squeeze into his eye 3 times a day. Hopefully it will be better in the next 3-4 days. We'll see, we have an appointment on Thursday! Lowell also has an appointment on Thursday with his Parent Infant Program (who comes to our house every 2 weeks) & Far Northern Reginal Center is coming as well to write a new development plan (ISSP). They do a new plan every 6 or 12 months, I forget exactly! Hopefully it goes well! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Today Lowell went swimming for the 1st time, he absolutely LOVED IT!! :) Of course after about an hour of it he was ready for a bottle & a nap! :) Thankfully he got lots of sunscreen on before hand so he ended up with no sunburn :) I can't wait for it to get warmer and me be able to take him swimming more!! He laughed so much & thought it was tons of fun!! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Lowell has been pulling at his ears non stop, well actually it hasn't been much of pulling anymore it's been more scratching.. like really fast & aggressive scratching to the point he is making his ears bleed really bad. On Monday during his 1st year exam Dr. Logan said that he had a little bit of fluid behind his left ear but nothing too bad, and then yesterday he woke up from his nap & his entire left ear was covered in blood. I of course was a bit panicked due to the fact I wasn't sure if it he was bleeding from the outside or inside of his ear, so we got him into the peds office & they said that it's only on the outside & nothing bleeding inside *sigh of relief* i was happy to hear that, but wanted to know why his ears are bugging him so bad. They said it's all due to teething, in a way that makes sense but yet he didn't do this when he got his two 1st teeth & he has only ever itched his ears since he got his ear infection a few weeks ago. Hmmm I'm not sure what to do or think. As of now all I am doing is putting ointment in his ears which has made the bleeding stop, but his ears still bother him.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

1st BDAY!!

I cannot even begin to believe that I have a ONE YEAR OLD! He is so amazing & had such a great monkey themed bday! :)