Sunday, February 22, 2009

february update

most recent things that have been going...

last week Lowell really has discovered his feet! :) he is sooo amused and loves them. he also has tried tons of different baby food (prunes, carrots, peaches, apple sauce, peas, etc) & he has not had a problem with any of them! He eats soo well and finishes a jar of baby food in less than 5 mins. He right now is still on stage 1's but I think this week we are going to start stage 2. :) We got some valentines day pictures done & he got a few easter pics done too (to model the "bunny" costume the photographer had). haha they are cute, but look torchering at the same time. He had fun & once he started getting fussy we had to stop... If anyone wants any of the pics I post just let me know.. I can order you them... the top are from a few weeks ago (john deere & red vest), and the bottom ones are from last week (monkey & bunny)

"no more picturs mommy..." :(

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

& pictures are up... :)

Lowell has tried rice cereal twice, and today was the first time trying prunes. He actually likes the prunes a lot, but the rice cereal he did good with the first time, and not so good when we tried again yesterday! I'm thinking I might need to water it down even more so its not so thick. He has discovered that he loves the spoons that he eats with (I think he likes the rubbery texture on his gums since he is teething), Lowell is even trying to feed himself, haha!! Sure it makes a mess, but I figured if it gets him to eat more, why not! :) Anyways we are off tomorrow to get another RSV shot, it will be our last time at his old pediatricians office, they have yet to know we have switched pediatricians but they will find out tomorrow, wish us luck with no troubles. :)

Look everyone I'm 9 MONTHS OLD TODAY!
& its also super bowl sunday... woo hoo!!

pouting while i'm giving him a mooch

yay rice cereal for the 1st time (2/1)

Lowell getting his 1st little mohawk (today)


daddy's little all star
(getting ready to eat prunes 4 the 1st time)

1st spoon full

i love these spoons!!


daddy being silly w/the bunny ears

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hooray as of today Lowell is 9 months old!! We got the ok last Tuesday from Lowell's pediatrician that it is fine to start feeding him more than just formula. We actually switch pediatricians last week to Dr. Logan up here in Paradise because I really have not liked the way his old pediatricians office was. Dr Logan was VERY surprised that Lowell had not started any other food besides formula. (but said he also looks to be growing just great!) We had an appointment with his surgeon doctor gates on Wednesday so before we started feeding him I wanted to make sure he thought it was ok to start the food as well, he said he thought it would be fine too! Mark & I are super excited, as we have decided that TODAY IS THE DAY we are going to start feeding lowell baby food! It will start with some rice cereal and prunes. Since he gets backed up really easy the doctor said it would be a good idea to get him on prunes. :) I cannot wait, today is going to be a great day!!

Overall Lowell has been doing wonderful. He holds his bottle a lot, but when it is really full he can only hold it for a brief amount of time. If we cut his feeds in 1/2 to two 4oz servings he can hold his bottle a lot better. He loves to roll around but we have discovered that he like rolling to his left side (from back to tummy) better than he likes rolling to his right, so we watch him everytime he is on the floor and try and make sure he is rolling to his right as well! He is such a light to our world. Even though lately he has been really crabby, and whines a lot, we still love him to pieces. He must be teething! He also is starting to understand what things are, when we eat and he is with us he gets really upset! It is sad but funny all at the same time. He is such a great baby, I feel so blessed. Here is to the past 9 months of our lives, may we have many more wonderful memories to come..... :)

.....soooo many pictures to post, like always i will post them all within the next few days! (sorry again in advance!)