Sunday, January 18, 2009


So Mark is REALLY good at making Lowell laugh, but I'm always forgetting to get it on video.. I FINALLY did tonight, you guys are going to LOVE THIS!!! :)

Loving to Roll Over!

Rolling over is Lowell's "new thing". He always was very selective as to when he wanted to roll over but as of last week he now is rolling over EVERY chance he gets. He loves to be on his belly!! :) He also is just starting to straighten his arms completely straight and move like he is wanting to start crawling. Can you believe it? He is growing up waaay too fast!! He also is becoming super interested in his feet, today is the first day he actually looked at them and realized what he is seeing he is also feeling in both his hands and feet. Lowell is becoming so smart! :) These past few months have been the best, I have LOVED watching him grow and become his own little-self! I think he is going through another growth spurt because he is eating about 8oz ever 2-3 hours and sleeping a bunch more. He must be well over 16lbs now, and I'm dying to know how long he is.... Maybe Dr.Gate's office can measure him on the 28th when we go in, if now we'll have to wait for his next ped appointment which is for his RSV shot on the 5th of next month.

car ride to southern california

he enjoyed watching a little bit of a baby dvd

at great-grandma's site
(lowell came home from the hospital 1 year
after she passed away... wow!!)

cousin stephanie holding lowell

almost all the boy cousins

"hurry up mom"

at the new eye doctor's office

passed out on his mommy

one of my all time favorite pictures

our little hoopster ;)

finding his feet!!

first time on the hardwood floors
without a blankie underneath him

laughing at his dada

what he's good at.. striking a pose!

wanting to crawl!!!! :) ahhhh

Thursday, January 15, 2009

busy past week

This past weekend has been a busy, but tough one to get through. From meeting all the family down south, to having a death of a close family friend, we have been tired to say the least. Lowell had a great time seeing everyone down south, he went by his great grandpa's (my mom's dad) grave site & his great grandma's (my dad's mom) grave site! it was a very good experience! then after getting home on Monday my friend Shannon went into labor. She had her baby the next morning at 554, I got the honor of being in the room when she had him. It was such an amazing experience!! A few hours later I found out our really good family friend Todd Stuart passed away the day before! This was very hard!! I've been trying to keep my head up about it! The next day (Wednesday) Lowell & I traveled to Sac because he had an eye doctor appointment with his new opthomioligist dr. o'hara (still connected with UCD)! I LOVED THEIR OFFICE!! We had a great experience! The doctor said his eyes look great, he is not near sided or anything! We don't have to go back for another year. & if in year his eyes look fine, he will just have to be followed by his pediatrician. After that appointment we went by the NICU to visit the nurses & my friend Cassie who has her baby Nevaeh there! It was great seeing her little girl, she is doing amazing!! It's funny because she is in one of Lowell's old bed spots! :) We also got to see our favorite nurse Allison!!! Aww we miss her!! Well after that we went to the airport and picked up my grandma..... Finally Lowell & I arrived home! It's been about 20 something hours in a car in a matter of 5 days... whew! thats too many! haha well once I upload all the pictures from our trips on the computer I will post them! until then all I have is a few that I forwarded to my email from my phone... :)

watching a little bit of a baby dvd

at great grandpa's site

Thursday, January 8, 2009

getting better (updated with pics)

Horray!! Lowell is getting better! Thank goodness!! We were almost having to reconsider our trip to Southern California that was planned for this up coming weekend. On Tuesday the doctor called us to check back up on Lowell & see if he had gotten any better and of course our answer was "no" he still could barely breathe, had a hard time eating and threw up every time we went to burp him. :( so she proceeded to say it was our choice if we wanted her to admit him to the hospital or not, I asked where & said to the local hospital in Chico.. Enloe. I said No Thank You!! As for the near fact.. Well I guess I haven't heard the best of stories about that hospital and also... You can't blame me for wanting a "NICU" type treatment when it comes to my baby! I honestly am scared to have anyone else take care of him! But I also am HORRIBLY scared that I could possibly have him in a NICU setting rather than a PICU (neonatal -vs- pediatric) setting which to mean means I don't get to sleep bedside! That is a humongous fear of mine, leaving him at the hospital at night again! If we ever have to go to the NICU again I think I will be a walking zombie not wanting to leave Lowell's bed side! But I also know that at his age a NICU is better than a PICU. Well anyways, we don't have to have the thought of either of those places, sooo I will move off the subject! :) Yesterday was Mark & I's anniversary, we had a great day together!! Oooh yes & I got a diamond ring for Christmas which means soon to be engagement sometime, orrr so we have talked about it! We really just want to make sure our marriage is in the best interest for not only us but Lowell! We want to be together forever and we are realizing that we make a great family, at first we just didn't want to RUSH to get married like lots of couples do after they find out they are unmarried and expecting (which ive seen leads to lots of divorces). Soooo I guess now all we have is time, sometime someday it will happen for now I'm not concerned about it I'm just focusing on my son & his needs. Well here are some pics from the last.. well almost month! (including xmas!!) These pics go from most recent to least recent... also there is a video of him from tonight talking to himself & well.. his little frog friend. haha

((after uploading all these pics I have decided that my baby a little, or well REALLY off balance in his head! these steroids are REALLLLY getting to him & he goes insane if I am a little bit off giving him his dose... screaming and kicking his feed & basically doesn't know what to do with himself :( poor kiddo!! Thankfully tomorrow is the beginning of 2 doses a day.. we are slowly weening him off of them!!))


...Lowell Tonight...

Lowell & his little Nikes! :)

Passed out


being silly :P

just rolled over

hangin out on the bed

great grandpa holding lowell

look how big he's getting!!

grabbing for his face

soooooo happy!!!

my best friend Brittani & I on new years

Me & Lowelly!

Laughing waaaaaay too hard... haha

Little giggles

leaning on a toy

last family pic of '08

christmas day at grammy bears house (12/26)

just the two of us... ;)

Little Mr Santa & I on Xmas night


Auntie Brit (my sister jen's best friend)
playing with Lowell!!!

doggie bella & lowell
(MATCHING.. too cute!!)

Lowell, Brit & I

Brit, Me, Katie, Lowell & Jen

Brit & Lowell

Lowell fell asleep on Mark's Auntie...
with his new seahorse present... haha

Opening presents w/mommy christmas day


Auntie Amber & Lowell
(mark's sister)

Mommy & Daddy's BEST present EVER!

Lowell in all the presents

precious baby boy

awwwww... cuddling with his monkey blankie

all bundled up with his mommy