Sunday, December 21, 2008

almost xmas...

Soooo Christmas is almost here, weve been pretty busy over here, especially with me finishing this semester of school and trying to start up my marykay business. Anyways Lowell has been trying to roll over some more.. he has such a fun time trying to do it. He also has the cutest giggle, i probably will talk about it on every blog post!!! :) & he has this new thing of sucking on his bottom lip, haha.. waaaay funny! anways sorry to keep this post short, but im tired from last minute xmas shopping all day.. hope ya enjoy some of the new pics from this last week ;)

Lowell & his new monkey pillow, & doggie gus! :)

sucking on that bottom lip

cuddling with his monkey blankey ;)

laying on his new hand made
blanket from aunt barbra
(sucking on his lip again)

model boy


Mama & Baby!

Monday, December 15, 2008

its snowing!

yesterday we started getting snow.. inches and inches of it, it was crazy!!! I have yet to go out there & get some pics of lowell... its freeeeezing!! lowell has been doing so great lately, other than i really think his acid reflex is flaring up because he's been a little more fussy and puking a few times a day. but other than that he's been turning his little body sideways trying to roll over, he's rolled over a few times... but it hasn't been a constint thing for him to do! well here are a few pics of him from the past couple days.. the last one is from today :) I had to dress him up in the little "elf" accessories that I bought (that are actually for little dogs i guess.. but they were cute!) haha, mark thinks theyre really girlie... ok i do too, but it was fun :) i'll post more of the pics later, i have to go clean the house & finish writing some papers for my finals this week :/ atleast school is almost over, this is the last week!! yay!!!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

the past 2 weeks of pictures.....

Turtle boy (11/25)

One of Lowell's favorite toys (11/29)

Hangin out with my Best Bud Brysen (11/30)

Caught me off guard (12/4)

I meant to tell you all we went to visit to UC Davis NICU Last Tuesday, my friend Cassie had her baby early (33 weeker). So keep them in your prayers, her baby's name is Nevaeh!! Here are some pics from our quick little visit! (trust me i was nervous going into a hospital with lowell, considering its RSV season... but I just had to go down and show Cassie, Buddy & Nevaeh my support)

cute xmas tree with tiny hats

so cute!!! & actual micro preemie size!!

Lowell & I :)

doctor's visit (12/6)

Hanging out in my GT
Mustang walker
(my Aunties bought me this...)

Bumbo time :)

Look NO HANDS MOM!! (12/7)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

14lbs 5oz!!

Sorry everyone, everyone on this end has been sick! Went from Mark to Me, to kinda Lowell. I am trying to keep everyone's hands washed as much as possible! Well either that or lathered with hand sanitizer! haha :) I don't want Lowell getting too sick, actually I don't want him sick at all, but he's already got a little stuffy nose & coughed a few times today! :( Well anyways, friday we had an appointment to get Lowell's 2nd dose of synagis, but the doctor's office called & canceled due to the dr being sick... so we had to go in yesterday and get it! Since he's so big they do it in two shots. :( One shot in each leg, noooo fun!! He also got a flu shot, but I guess the 1st year the babies have to get 2 doses of flu shots, so he's due to get his 2nd dose in a month when he gets his 3rd dose of synagis (for RSV). Lowell weighed in at a whopping 14lbs 5oz!! He is growing sooo well, I feel so blessed to have such an amazing micro-preemie! Sometimes I question how he is doing so well, but know it must be by a pure miracle! I read about all these other problems micro-preemie moms are having with their 23, 24, 25, 26 to even 29 weekers, and yet Lowell has been doing incredible!! Thanks everyone for keeping us in our thoughts, I promise you I will post pictures tomorrow of the past couple weeks I have missed out on updating you guys!! Love you all!!