Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Love The Stage Lowell Is In!!

I have been so busy this week, you can only imagine!! On top of having a baby, multiple thanksgivings, trying to get Lowell over being sick, final exams with school, etc, etc, etc.. The list goes on!!! Overall its been a pretty great week, I am LOVING the stage that Lowell is in right now! He is great in everything that he does. His personality is to die for! He just started this whole "shy" thing where he looks away from you when he is really excited! He will start to smile REALLY BIG & then tuck his little head (or "big" preemie head as you could say ;).. haha) into my chest or into his blankie over & over again! And his giggles are to die for, I could listen to his laughter forever!! :) Anyways I just have got to say it...yay this semester of school is almost over!! You have NO IDEA how happy this makes me!! I am trying to do my best to stay on top of things and be in school full time, but it's been tough with Lowell being "new" to being home! There is NO DOUBT that I can make time for school, especially with me doing online classes, but the classes I want to take next year are not all online so I'm kind of freaking out and trying to figure out what I am going to do! Well I just got done with one of my exams & I am exhausted, but a B is a good great to get on it, so I will go to bed in a good mood!! Until next time....

ooh wait.. I have got to share the WONDERFUL news!! Lowell has OFFICIALLY began sleeping through the whole night..... more than just one or two nights in a row. Its been since Tuesday!! He falls asleep around 10 or 11 and sleeps until 7 or 8!! :) Ahhhh I finally have gotten some decent sleep!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Lowell has been doing nebulizing treatments every 6 hours, his cough has gotten better than it was on Friday but its still bad. So today his doctor was on call, so we went into her office and she proceeded to say that he has Bronchiolitis. WooHoo how fun!! NOT! Since he didn't show up as having RSV, he has bronchiolitis. (if you want more info go to: ) Anyways we're having to now put him on two other medications. Singulair and Pulmicort Respules. Hopefully these medications on top of doing the breathing treatments every 4-6 hours should help, and if it doesn't then we for sure will be having to do something else. The doctor says that since he was so premature and his lungs are weaker then that of a full term baby (which ive known ever since b4 he was born) but it may take a few weeks for him to fight this sickness off (2-3 weeks). I just pray that it continues to get better and not worse. One thing about the nebulizer medication is Lowell hasn't been sleeping as well as he was before he was on the medication, which is to be expected. The medication is a steroid so it makes his body more "hyper", which then has proceeded to make him more fussy because he is over tired. Hopefully he will get back into a good routine once he isn't sick anymore!! He was just starting to sleep SO WELL!! :) New things Lowell has been into doing is recognizing his bottle when we have it in front of him (he'll stop crying), also clasping his hands together really tightly and putting them to his mouth. He really loves grabbing an holding onto things too, he always has, but lately its been a lot more!! He mainly loves holding onto my shirt and his blankies! :) And one of the best things he started doing dismorning is laughing really loud. Before it was just lightly for a brief moment, now its a couple seconds of a louder laugh.. I LOVE IT!! :) Ooh yeah & we weighed him today with his diaper & onsie still on & he was 13lbs 7oz, so I'm assuming he's around 13lbs 4-5 oz! :) He's getting BIG!!!


Like My Shirt?

I'm so Happy.. I love being nakie!!

Tummy time (looking at the floor so serious)

This would be the "pout lip".. time for
tummy time to be over!! :(

(handsome) Little BOY

Yummmy.. HANDS!

Passed out at Grandmas
At the doctor's office

Ohh that thing again....

Overtired... Rubbing his eyes!

....It's almost over!

Happy AWAKE kiddo...
(after treatment)

SO SILLY!!! :)
*click on pic to enlarge,
check out his dimples!!*


Friday, November 21, 2008

Sick Little Lowell

Lowell has came down with a major chest congestion. (The doctor doesn't know what it is exactly) It was horrible yesterday, it got to a point he could barely catch his breath when he started coughing he would just begin to cough and cry uncontrollably! I felt horrible & his doctors office said they couldn't get him in any sooner than 4pm! So we waited all day hoping the appointment would come before Lowell got any worse! We showed up & they weighed him, but didn't want to torcher him by having me take off all his clothes so they kept them on, but he was a whopping 13lbs 11oz!!! Of course that not his "real" weight, but he's at least over 13 pounds!! :) That was some good news, anyways the doctor proceeded to say that his chest was very wheezy and she wanted to test him for RSV. Yes the dreadful RSV word came out of her mouth. So they swabbed his nose collecting some boogies and 15 minutes later they came back saying he was cleared with no RSV! That was some other good news, but she did say that she was going to place him on a nebulizer. So we sat there for a treatment & then got a machine & supplies to take it home. (waited forever for his prescription to be filled though!) Anyways, needless to say Lowell doesn't like the thing much! He tried to help me out by grabbing the mask and pushing it so hard into his face, he thinks he can eat it! Silly Boy! We have to do the breathing treatment every 6 hours. As of today he's had 4 treatments and his chest is sounding better but he still has a nasty congested cough. I called the doctor because she wanted an update today & I said if it doesn't get better soon I'm just going to take him down to a children's hospital in Sacramento. I know they know more of what they are doing down there, just because they have more experience with former micro preemies. Anyways here are some pics from our visit yesterday, his little mask is supposed to look like a fish.. haha :)

Lowell at the doctor's

Lowell waiting patiently :)

We decided to get a humidifier for our house

Lowell medicine for the machine, AccuNeb

This is what it looks like

Little fish mask

1st treatment

Poor kiddo :(

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not the best day!

I had not the best day today, to say the least! I was very excited at the thought that Jaime from the "Parent Infant Program" was coming to play with Lowell & actually assess him for one of the very first times! Every time she comes it's typically in the afternoon & he's sleeping. So we decided to make the appointment for 9am since the morning time is his best time! :) Well she played with him for a while & I asked to look at the "development" sheet, which is like 6 different assessments they go off of, social skills, motor skills, etc. Anyways he's further behind than I thought he was. Most things hes right in the 1-2 month range. I for sure thought he would be around 2-3 months, but I guess not. That kind of got me down... On top of it Lowell had a little cough dis morning so I called his ped to just let them know, but the doctor wasn't there. I said I would call back if he still had the cough by the end of the day & it actually got a lot worse (to the point its like deep in his chest & you can hear it in his breathing) so I called them & they couldn't get me in until the end of the day tomorrow, and said that I should actually take him to prompt care tonight. I informed them that he's was a preemie, like HELLO I can't just walk in & expose him to all those germs. It takes hours to be seen at those places & there are always tons of sick people in the waiting room. Uggh! Anyways the lady proceeded to tell me that he should be treated like all babies, he's not that different. EXCUSE ME!!! I argued with her, & she said that he is going to be treated like a normal baby now, and no body is going to make any exceptions. NO HE ISN'T like a normal baby, I wish it were that simple!! Does she not understand that his immune system, lungs, etc are much more fragile than that of a kid his age (like if he was full term). Needless to say I got off the phone in tears! I'm SO SICK of his pediatrician's office! I want to switch to someone else! I don't feel comfortable in there, there is only one person I like in there, and that is not right! Anyways it's really hard because Lowell is still on medi-cal (SSI). Since he is our resources are limited! I really need to try & get some other benefits somehow because I really want my son to have the best health providers! Mark is trying to get a job at UPS, so wish us luck! They have got some good benefits! Anyways, overall I had an emotional day. The assessment brought me down & then Lowell being sick just brings back bad memories of being in the NICU. He hasn't been since since we have been home so its a bit overwhelming. I called the doctor on call after Lowell's peds office closed (just because I wanted someone else's opinion), & asked him what to do & he said if he's able to sleep then that means he's doing ok and that it should go away on it's own. I am SO NERVOUS! I don't trust the doctors in my area opinions, it's very hard! I don't know what to do, I just hope things get better!!

Laying in bed watching his mobile

"Eeeeh" I dont know if I like being on my tummy

But I'll keep on trying it

"I love the rattle" (& kicking my feet!!)

"Ooooh that is one of my favorite toys"

Passed out reading his
little book on Sunday :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Post 100!!

Wow to think I have posted 100 blogs, dang!! Glad to see that some of you are still on for the ride of learning what new things Lowell is doing in his life! He's lately been all about his hands, first it went to watching them, to now sucking on them. Mainly his pointer and middle finger. It is the funniest thing ever, it's made things a bit easier because he's learned that they can be just as satisfying as his binkie :) Last night was a rough night though! He cried a lot, and would not settle down to go back to sleep after about 5am. He felt a little warm so I gave him a little Tylenol, I'm thinking he might be starting to teeth because as soon as he had his binkie in his mouth he would chew on it and calm down (atleast a little bit). I felt so bad, his cry is a cry he's never done before which leads me even more to believe it's something other than the normal (hungry, acid reflex, wet/dirty diaper, etc). On top of that I had some yuckie top of the tummy heart burn all night long, so I was trying to bear through my pain to help him! Finally I got him settled in & he slept for a good three hours. After he woke back up he ate about 4 ounces and I sat him in his swing to watch this cute "baby channel" we ordered off of directv. He LOVES it! Every day he watches it for a bit, I think the contrast and colors really helps him developmentally. Anyways he started crying again, so I go over to his swing & he had pooped all over it!! hahahah *ok laugh with me* thankfully most was on a blankie. Anyways, overall he's been doing great. Learning new little skills each and everyday! :) The past.... well around 4 nights he's been sleeping great! Typically skips one feeding, which means I can catch anywhere from 5-7 hours of straight sleep!! :) Its been very nice!! Well off I am to go see what I can do about Lowell's opthemology appointment. It was supposed to be 2 months after his last one (which was almost a month & 1/2 ago) with a new opthemologist (dr o'hara which is still out of UC Davis in sac). Well the doctor's office called me last week to schedule me an appointment & say he wont be seen until Februray!! What kind of bs (sorry to say) is that!!! How can they go from saying 2 months, to scheduling me to 4 months later?? Sooner appointment means sooner scheduling right? Well here's the thing, when I was at his last appointment & they said 2 months I tried to make an appointment & they wouldn't let me. They said "we will call you to schedule". Uggh well here I go to try & fight the system & get him seen as I was told by the opthemologist. I don't get how receptionist can just change something like that! Wish me luck! :)

ps. This weekend was crazy, we went to 3 baby showers!! (Shannon, Casey & Brooke) Here are some pics from Brooke's shower yesterday :)



Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pics from this past week..

(hanging out on daddy)

...FRIDAY...(Lowell & Kyla playing)

...SATURDAY...(oh no i'm chewing my fingers)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Three Days of Pictures

Pictures.. :)

NOVEMBER 10th...

"Hey I'm talking to you!!"

NOVEMBER 11th....

Oh no I caught a 1/2 smile ;)


I'm so innocent :)

NOVEMBER 12th (today)...

Big Bug Eyes 8)
Passed out Giants fan!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yes.. Like the title of the blog says... LOWELL ROLLED OVER TODAY!! Aww it was so great to see him roll over for the first time! :) We were at Sears getting "thanksgiving" pictures done, when I placed him on his tummy to pose & about 3 minutes later he rolled over!! :) We only captured two poses before he did it, but thats ok with me!! I am soooo proud of him, he is growing up so fast! Yesterday he was "gestationally" 3 months old, so I'm happy to say that he is right on target for his develpmental age! :) WooHoo!! With that in mind, he also had another "first" today.. He pooped all over a blanket today! His first time pooping outside his diaper! Thankfully we were at home & it was quickly cleaned up, but it was pretty gross!! haha, well thats all for now, I need to get to bed! Lowell has another appointment with Jaime from "Early Head Start Program" tomorrow (he has an appointment every 2 weeks). Also next Monday far northern is coming to write a new ISSP for Lowell... I dont think I ever explained what that was to you all, or what his "goals" were, but I will maybe go more into detail tomorrow.... Until then... OFF I GO! :)


he LOVES to smile


"Ohhh I'm trying to roll over mommy"

...lifting his legs "trying" to kick to roll over :)
(this was literally 30 seconds b4 he did)

Monday, November 10, 2008


I posted this to my friends a few days ago.. I'm not sure if you all know but November is Prematurity Awareness Month! I made a BAND to support the fight against premature birth. Well here is my message...

Come join me in helping support premature babies! I am starting a few things, that will HOPEFULLY be completed by the end of this month! One is I am going to find a way to make a donation site for people to connect up with me to raise money/gifts for parents in the NICU who don't have much money! (the hospital Lowell was born at has an out reach like this called Friends of the NICU, but UC Davis doesn't soooo we'll see if I can figure something out) Lots of us were from out of town with babies in the NICU & I thankfully had resources that helped me be able to stay down in Sac, but lots of moms had to drive hours & hours to come visit their little one(s) & weren't prepared at all to have a baby so early, so keep your eyes open for me to tell you once I have it all squared away & complete! Helping parents in the NICU, or just raising awareness for prematurity has REALLY been on my heart since I overcame the fact my son was born prematurely! (ok maybe I haven't TOTALLY over came it, but I'm trying). So in correlation to that I also am trying to support the march of dimes (marchofdimes. com), they raise tons of money a year to support research with prematurity, I started a band on behalf of Lowell if you would like to donate any amount of money! Thanks a bunch you guys...


the website link for his band is:

(Just cut & paste the link it to get to the website!)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fun With Kyla!

We hungout with Brittnee & Kyla today! The kids just love each other :)

Watching TV.

Lowell LOVES to watch TV now days, he could probably sit there for hours if we let him! :) haha! He typically falls asleep within the first 20 minutes though! Its quite cute, nice way to get a little break if need be! :) Lately he's been very fussy, it's been hard. His crys have changed tremendously, I definitely can tell what cry means what now. But when he wakes up (a few times out of the day) he wakes up and less than 5 seconds later is completely screaming. I've discovered that it's because he is hungry, but I don't understand why he is soooo hungry when he always fall asleep with a full belly. Hmmmm who knows, hopefully this doesn't continue because it's heartbreaking hearing him whale with tears. :(

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pooh Bear!

I love Lowell in these cute pooh bear outfits!!! They were hammy downed from my mom's boss & wife!! So precious!! I think he enjoys wearing them too ;)

Friday, November 7, 2008


Lowell this past week has discovered how to LAUGH!! :) My mom pointed out to me that he was doing it, and I knew that he was I just forgot to share it with you all!!! :) I thought that was some good news!! He is so stinkin' cute when he laughs, its very quite, much of an exhaled laugh when he does... But I LOVE IT!! :) Maybe I'll be able to catch it on video sometime soon.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Outfit

Here are some cute pics we got done with Lowell in his Halloween costume! :)

This Past Weekend

This past weekend we went out to go visit Mark's family in Sutter & Live Oak! We had a GREAT trip! :) All the cousins wanted to hold Lowell, ok well mainly just the girls! haha! Anyways here are some pics of everyone! :)

The day before we left... (Saturday)
Daddy passed out with Lowell

We bundled Lowell up because it was freezing
& he passed out he was soooo cozy!! :)

Cousin Kylee holding Lowell

Now cousin Alliyah holding him

..Then Alexis wanted a turn (shes 2),
of course Auntie Jessica had to help!

Then it was Auntie Jenna's turn :)
She has cousin # 10 on the way!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

6 Month Check-Up!

We went to the doctor's today for Lowell's 6 month check up. I'm always excited to see how much bigger he has gotten since the last time he was in! :) He now is... (*drum roll please*) 12 lbs 9 oz!!! Can you believe it!! :) He's been gaining weight like a champ and is almost to the "curve" on the weight and length chart, but still a little behind. They try & catch them up to if he were 6 months old instead of his adjusted age of being almost 3 months old. If he were "3 months old" his weight would be in the 25% range and his lenght would be in the 5% range (he's 22 1/2 inches). Buuut his head on the other hand is in the 50% range (16 1/2 inches) got to love those preemie heads.. :) So he got lots of shots, including his RSV!!! YESS I said it his rsv shot! I had no idea he was going to get it, but they just received them today so he was able to get it with all his other shots! WooHoo!! I'm finally happy about that! Now we have to go in between 28-32 days to get another shot & this will continue until the end of RSV season, April. Other than that everything went reasonably well, ooh yes but again (for the 3rd time) we saw the PA (physician's assistant) rather than Dr.Dolinar. She's out of work for some reason & will be for a while, so that was a bummer. His surgeon (Dr. Gates) in Sac noticed that he had extra fluid in his scrotum area & said it's an area to "watch" So the PA checked it out & said he still has the estra fluid. What Lowell has is called hydroceles, they said that they could go away or could cause a hernia, which then could lead to surgery. I'm trying to not let the thought of the negative outcome bother me, I'm hoping it will resolve itself! :) But for now it is, what it is!

Daddy got me ready today!
Handsome kiddo
... just a little smile :)
Just hangin out

At the Doctors Office

Saturday, November 1, 2008


WOW all I can say is time flies by. 1/2 of a year has already past since I had Lowell. He has blossomed into such a little miracle! And to think lots of us thought he wouldn't make it. I look at him now and am so glad I did all that I could to help him survive! I'm not sure if I've shared with everyone the hard story of when I went into labor with him at our hospital in Paradise, but it was a very heart wrenching story of all the decisions I was then faced with! But today is a HAPPY DAY!! We're celebrating Lowell being here with us for 6 months!!! Maybe a different day I will go into details of what happened back then, but for now.... we'll stay with talking about positive things! :) Anyways, Lowell and I had a busy day today, full of bday parties for EVERYONE! I was thinking about having a 6 mth party for him, but its RSV season & he has yet to get his shot, let alone us know when he is going to get it. I have been on an outrage about it but the peds office said there is NOTHING they can do, their waiting for the company to send the shots or something... but anyways, I thought I was going to stay positive, haha soooo today we went to Michaela's 20th bday, then to Justine's 1st bday, then to cousin Emily's 5th bday! (busy busy busy bday day) While at Emily's bday we got to meet the new little addition to the family Ethan! He's almost 3 weeks old, such a cute kid! toooons of hair & a scream louder than Lowell's, actually a lot louder than Lowell's, like Lowell's scream times three. I told Ethan not to teach Lowell how to scream louder, cuz uhmm that would not be good! haha, well I have really exciting news too!! Lowell slept the WHOOOOLE night 2 nights ago, 1130pm-745am!! & then drank 4 ounces in about 10 mins & fell back asleep until 1015! can you believe it? He then proceeded to sleep the whooooole day with occasionally waking up to eat & play, but it wasn't more than 1-2 hours of being awake. He definitely is going through a growth spurt! Which bums me out in a way cuz I was really excited yesterday morning when I saw he slept the whole night, but now I think it's only cuz he's growing! haha! But growing is a VERY good thing!! About 4 days ago I could make my pointer finger and thumb into a circle together & fit it around his thighs & now I cant.. Wooo Hooo yay for chunky thighs!! :) I've been waiting for him to get some more rolls, it seems as though all he's really had the last couple months is a double chin.. Now lowell is holding his head up pretty well, occasionally it's still a little wobbly, but he's trying! :) He also loves to grab on and hold things, drools a lot more now, & tracks things with his eyes amazing!

at justines bday

By the way his shirt says "property of mom FOREVER! :) that's right!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

so we started getting ready for halloween a day early! i ordered some really cute outfits off for $3.. yes i said $3!! haha & they are so cute! I got a bunny one, bee, tiger & pumpkin. Here are some pics & video of lowell tonight in the pumpkin outfit. My mom, grandma, & I were just LOVING IT!! :)

"I try to eat my clothes!"

stickin out his tongue :P

Oh no I feel lost!

reaching for the camera

some more sticking the tongue out pose

I love to eat my hands now days!!

trying to sit up!

my little pumpkin! :)


.......ok well the movies i wanted to upload took waaay too long. maybe i'll have some time tomorrow to upload them, its already been well over 30 minutes trying to have just one of them up load... bummer!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

sleeping on dad

he loves sleeping with his dada! :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brysen & Lowell

Today my best friend came over with her little boy Brysen! Lowell likes hanging out with him, even though Brysen is a lot more matured than Lowell. Brysen is exactly six weeks older than Lowell, but thats not going off of Lowells actually due date. They developmentally are 20 weeks & 3 days apart. Its really nice to see Brysen learning new things, it gets me excited to think Lowell will not be shortly behind (atleast thats what I am hoping & praying for). Here are some cute pics of the boys.. they took a nap together on my bed, it was just the cutest! :)

Lowells little "stink" face hahaha

Brysen & Lowell just waking up

Aww best buds for life!

Brysen trying to pull Lowell's hair

Cute little Brysen

Our BEAUTIFUL family

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Going up in Ounces...

I think we're slowly converting to Lowell drinking more ounces at a feeding, yesterday he took 7 oz in one feeding, and today he took one feeding of 6 oz. He typically has been taking 4oz, which was every 3-4 hours, but now can be from every hour to two hours. I figured that we could try going up on his feeds a bit, rather than feeding every hour or so. Hopefully that doesn't make his reflux flair up, I just think it will help me be able to get more things done rather than having to hold & feed him every hour. Anyways, not much is new.. Lowell has just been scratching his face a lot, so it's about time to clip those nails!! No fun!! I've been getting nervous about the upcoming flu season & RSV. I'm very frustrated with Lowell pediatricians office :( It seems like they are taking forever to even tell me what is going on with him getting his RSV (synagis) shot, they keep telling me they will call me back the next day & never do... so I wait a week & call them back & they still have no answers (this has been on going for almost a month!!). All I want to know is when my son will get his shot for RSV because I'm starting to freak out at the thought he could possible catch it & we will get sent back into the hospital!! :(

here is some info about the shot incase you don't know what it is..

Synagis® (palivizumab) is indicated for the prevention of serious lung infections caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in children at high risk of RSV disease. Synagis is given as a shot, usually in the thigh muscle, each month during the RSV season. The first dose of Synagis should be given before RSV season begins. Children who develop an RSV infection while receiving Synagis should continue the monthly dosing schedule throughout the season. Synagis has been used in more than one million children in the U.S. since its introduction in 1998.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vibrating Swing!

So I forgot to make a note at the thought that Lowell has been pooping more frequently now! Roughly about once a day, but that is good!! :) I think that the vibration setting that his new swing has on the seat is helping tremendously!! Yay!!

Today we meet up with Amber & Landin for lunch. Landin is such a cute little boy :) You can tell for yourselves by the pictures... He was trying to rock Lowell to sleep... so precious!

Haha I also just went and snagged a photo of Lowell sleeping next to Mark on the bed right now, I'm listening to him (Lowell) have on going "passing of gas". It is the funniest thing ever, especially since he is sleeping!! hahaha

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visiting Kyla

Today we went to Brittnee & baby Kyla's house, the kids had a great time playing together!! Kyla was born on July 8th, so her and Lowell are roughly 1 month apart developmentally! Its so great to see her grow and do new things, it gets me very prepared of what is soon to come with Lowell, like rolling over!! :) Also Brittnee & I started making Bows!! It was so much fun, the zebra one is one of the 1st ones I made.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Bear!!

I decided to atach lowells mobile from his crib to the bed frame of our bed since he will lay in our bed with no problem, but doesn't like his crib all that much. I think he thought it was a great idea, because he just laid there all morning watching it (well for about an hour)!! i think i'm going to make it a daily routine for him to lay and watch it, because it will definitely stimulate his brain and developmental skills. I also dressed him to match his swing today! I am in love with the photo I took too!! My little bear! :)

Reflux Scare!

So its 4am and I'm awake, & I have yet to even realize why I am when I went to bed two hours ago.. We typically don't sleep with Lowell in our bed (crazy I know, I tried to not start the habit.. he eventually will end up in our bed in the mornings but typically doesn't start out sleeping in our bed, he starts out in his swing-- weather that's us putting him in his swing to fall asleep or having him fall asleep with us & then transferring him to his swing), anyways Last night he went to bed around 1130 (passed out on marks chest) and woke up around 130 screaming and gasping for air! Needless to say I was in a panic and quickly ran over to him! I picked him up and he looked like he was choking, I immediately thought it was his acid reflux but normally he'll spit something up & nothing was really coming out of his mouth, then I realized he was swallowing it. Poor kid, he threw a fit for about 5 minutes until I finally was able to calm him down, give him some reflex meds & a little bit of food & then he passed out sideways in my lap. He seemed so comfortable that I curled up as best as I could with him there, and tried falling asleep, it was not comfortable at all so once he started moving around a little bit I took advantage and went into my bed with him. (I felt like I had to have him sleep with us, cuz I was so scared he'd wake up choking & i'd not hear him or something). I noticed that Lowell gets super bad reflux if he is not given his medicine in time. I don't have a set schedule when I give it to him, its typically mornings & nights between 10-3, last night was a reality check that I need to set A TIME & stick to it so he doesn't have anymore of these episodes. He NEVER has bad reflex problems since he started taking prevacid, which is why I resorted to the getting the new swing, but now I'm thinking I want to go back and order the Amby swing (VERY good for reflex) if this is going to prevent him from hurting. Price is no option when it comes to my babies health, the over a million dollar hospital bill (which medi-cal so nicely was able to pick up since he qualified for SSI) showed me that I will pay or do anything for my child. Even if that debt was placed upon my shoulders for the rest of my life I would take it, if it meant I got to have my child be as wonderful and full of life that he is now! It's crazy to think that almost six months ago I went into labor with my son & they told me that he had such a minimal chance of living & that I had the option of wanting to keep him or not. I'm so glad I choose life for him, because he is the most perfect thing living!! I am SO BLESSED that he has no serious healthy or developmental problems (at least this far). Just goes to show you miracles do happen!

Here is the Amby swing...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Playing in his carseat

I wanted to share this video :) It was taken a week & 1/2 ago (Thursday) while he was in his carseat. This is his usual "playing" he does while sitting in his carseat, this video is just great because he was unbuckled and turned more towards his toy so he was just loving it!! :) He isn't talking to the duck in this video, but he typically talks to his "friends" everytime he gets in his seat, its wonderful!! Hope you all enjoy!

video video

Loving His Swing

a bit frightened by taking a picture

loving being in his swing!! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cuddle Bug!

Today Lowell & I got a lot of cuddles in. Nothing is better than laying in bed with your son ALL DAY LONG! On top of it I had a bad headache and he simply was the only thing that made me feel a little bit better. While this was happening mark rearranged our whole studio, it looks fabulous!! I like it so much more!! I cannot wait for it to be xmas time and us to get a Christmas tree in here!! (Wow am I already thinking that far ahead, yes!!)

bath time with daddy

Daddy gave Lowell a Bath tonight too!!