Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pulling Hair..

Yes you guessed it, Lowell has finally discovered how to latch on and pull hair!! I can't help but be excited that this is something he shares with mommy & not daddy, haha, NOT! Mark doesn't get to share the wonderful pain of it occurring :) He's still so darling though!

here is him in his adorable "pooh" outfit! :)

Hangin out on dada!

I'm getting to be a big boy!! :)

Watching daddy play his favorite ps3 game

Looking at the cam!

I can't get over those eyes!!! :)

Busy Bee

on our way to go run errands...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Infant Awarness Day!

Lowell got to finally try out his new swing today!! He like it a lot, I think its great because it swings & vibrates at the same time!! Also today is Infant Awareness Day, recognizing family who have lost their babies! My friend Brittnee lost her son Landon last year, so at 7pm I lit a candle in remembrance of him & all the other babies that have been lost!

Monday, October 13, 2008

hard time

im having a hard time right now.... :( i was just trying to make a video slideshow to share with everyone... of lowell's journey starting with day one.... I thought that I am strong enough now to be able to do it, but its too hard for me! looking back on pictures of his fragile little body tears me apart. its really hard to think he was that tiny and unhealthy. im a mess right now, totally broken down in tears, but yet again I'm looking over at my son and am soo grateful he made it!! he is such a miracle, I don't think some of you understand how lucky i am to still have him.... I thank God for him everyday. Thanks everyone who never lost hope in him!!

Arts & Crafts Time...

Today Brittnee & I went shopping for stuff to make bows. We decided we wanna make hair things for little girls on our spare time cuz we both are stay at home mommies and would love to make a little income! Plus it'll give us something to do! :) I hope things work out & this turns out to be something really good for us!! Other than that Lowell has been blossoming so well, he concentrates on things a lot! Especially his hands, he is learning how to maneuver them, its such fun to watch!! I Love Him So Much!! Well he had a little photoshoot today, I'm so obsessed with him! I've been noticing that his eyelashes are getting longer and his hair is coming in. He's turning into such a handsome boy, I truly can't get over it!! Can you? :)


Such a serious face

He loves his swing.... & his heartbeat bear! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So Nicely Rested

Lowell slept the longest he ever has last night!!! from 1030pm-430am!! Thats 6 hours!! & then fell asleep around 445 and slept until 830!! I'm a super happy momma today, so nicely rested!! WooHoo!!! :) So I got up and tried having him work on pulling up his head, we've got to keep on getting those neck muscles strong!! :) Here are some cute pics of him dismorning!

"...I'm trying mom"

It's so tiring...

Maybe I'll just sit here and look cute :)

"Hey Everyone"



Such a Little Stud Muffin!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Pics...

Here are some more pics from G-ma Michelle's Bday Day/Night!

I'm silly I stick out my tongue!

Am I cute, or what?!?

sleepy time

pumpkin head

auntie jen made this cake

passed out in my swing at gma's house

she wanted lowell in the pic :)

in daddys hands

one of his MANY "sad" faces

"whatcha looking at" :) haha

hanging with mommy

I could stare at him FOREVER!!

big fat kisses!!! muaaah

he's talking!!!! (or well cooing)

Grandma Michelles Bday!!

So today was my mommies birthday!! We all celebrated by going out to lunch and then having a family dinner at our house. I dressed Lowell super cute for the "fall season". He looked so stinking cute!! :) It was great!

Lowell wanting Daddy to wake up

"Ready to go to Chico Mommy!!"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Such A Personality!!

Smiles, Talking, Kicking his feed, Moving his arms.. Lowell has been transforming into his own little person! This past week he discovered how to smile a LOT MORE!! Also he managed to figure out how to hit his little rattler that hangs down from his car seat. I had such a wonderful time dismorning with him!! I sat for about 10 minutes watching him try to figure out how to get his hand to his mouth. He pointed his pointer finger and slowly would pull it towards his face, start to open his mouth and.... hit his forehead! hahah, it was hilarious!! He was trying to hard, which was great!! The Early Head Start Program had a lady (jamie travis) come out today, Lowell was passed out the whole time so she didn't really get to see what he's all about but she just wrote down some information about him. She said she will be back on Wednesday and then will follow up with him every two weeks. I really feel this program is a great opportunity for Lowell. It's going to really get him going in the right direction to getting caught up to his age!! We also went to silversand box and looked at different swings/slings for me to get for Lowell. Ever since he started having really bad acid reflex he's been LIVING in his swing, so I thought I would look into possibly getting him a better one. I found this great co-sleeper swing that he adored!! But also saw the swing I wanted ever since I first got pregnant, a graco one that also will have my car seat click into... its great!! I have yet to decided what I am going to get, but I really love the graco one due to the fact it reclines up and down very well, and also I can take him from the car to directly the swing so he doesn't have to wake up from not moving any longer.. haha you know how babies get! Anyways, I'm going back down there tomorrow, we'll see what I decide. Also we should be getting our heater in our house soon, the weather is beginning to change & its been freezing outside!!

All bundled in his carseat... :)

Lowell in the co-sleeper swing

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eye Appointment, RSV, & other stuff...

Daddy playing with Lowell,
while waiting to be seen :)

Today we went again back down to Sac for Lowell's eye appointment, good news... His eyes are completely developed!! No more going back to the eye doctor every 2 weeks!! (that should save some gas!!). We still have to be followed by a pediatric opthomioligist down there, but that won't be for another 2 months, I can live with that! :) I also called his pediatrician and asked about the RSV shots that Lowell should be receiving, and she said that they are sending off the paperwork to see if he qualifies to get them done, but she said there is no way he wouldn't qualify due to him being on the ventilator for so long. In case some of you don't know what RSV is, its a respiratory problem that comes about with being sick & it could be deadly in infants. Lots of preemies are susceptible to catching it due to their lungs being so fragile. The shots don't protect them from getting RSV, they just help to make the symptoms not so severe if the baby does get it. Anyways RSV season is typically for 6 months (ugggh that's a dreadful long time), I now am noticing how cautious I am going to have to be now that its the beginning of the season. Hopefully Lowell doesn't catch much of a cold this winter, I really don't want to end up back in the hospital for any reason!! Keep us in your prayers that Lowell stays healthy!! I also stopped breastfeeding/pumping due to it being very hard on me. When having Lowell come home I wasn't producing even 1/2 as much as he was taking a feeding which became hard and made me pump less because I wanted to spend more time with him. Lowell still in on breast milk every so often (from what I have left that is frozen) but now that I begin to think about it, I think I may go back to breastfeeding (or atleast pumping), only due to the fact it will help his body greatly! Especially with not being sick & his intestine!! So lets get some high hopes that I set my mind to starting again & stick with it!! :)

Tomorrow we have an appointment at WIC, and then an appointment with the Early Head Start Program. That program is designed to help him with his skills, physically and mentally, and they will follow him until he is three. It sounds like a great program, so I hope things kick off to a good start tomorrow!! :)

Yet again I caught Lowell's "poop face" tonight
The poor kid always has to work soo
hard to go to the bathroom :(

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eye Dr. Appointment

Tomorrow Lowell goes to his ophthalmologist (Dr. Telander) in Sacramento. They have been following his eyes ever since he was born, due to the chance of him having ROP (its very common in preemies, especially his gestation). Anyways, he gets a check up on them every two weeks. At his last one they said his eyes were almost completely corrected, so I hope tomorrow will only be good news!! :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dr. Gates Check Up!

Today we went to Sac to see Dr. Gates (the surgeon that did Lowells intestinal surgeries). I was very excited for this trip. He is such a great doctor!!! Anyways he checked Lowells belly & stuff, and said that everything looked to be ok other than he has some type of cysts in his scrotum area. That scared me a little, but he said it most commonly fixes itself! I at least think he said they were like cysts, or some type of fluid build up. I am going to call his pediatrician tomorrow to ask what exactly it is, because he said she would be following up with it. He also recommended that he drinks 2 oz of water a day, and takes Little Tummies every night to try and help his bowels because lately he has had a rough time having movements! Other than that, nothing else was new. We go back in 3 months....

Monday, October 6, 2008

A weeks gone by..

Almost a whole week has gone by without me posting anything, sorry everyone! Lots has been going on..... With that said Lowell is learning how to hold his neck up!! Its been so great watching him trying to learn how to! He also has started to enjoy being on his belly!! As well as talking and smiling all the time! What a great little miracle we have!! I cannot wait for more of you to meet him! Great Grandma is up to visit from Southern California right now & he is loving it (she is too). Its so nice to be surrounded by family!

I also just found my journal that I wrote in all the time when Lowell was first born (before I started this blog), I have yet to read it due to the fact I know it might be a little hard. But I was thinking that I probably will end up making a posting with some info and stuff from it, just so I have it all written down in one place to reflect upon later on in life :) I think it will be something positive. Also the twins from the Davis NICU were on the news!! & while reading their blog it reminded me that Lowell was on the news a while back & I don't think I ever gave you guys the web link. It is...

He is the baby that they do all the close ups on, with the really fragile looking skin, and heart beating... and also with the bed glass raising up off of. You'll see it once ya look at it! Its crazy to think how far he has come since then, that was taken when he was one week old & aired i think when he was 2 weeks old.... my goodness he has come so far! :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008