Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Never Slept Better!

I just had to get on here & say that I HAVE NEVER SLEPT ANY BETTER!!! Lowell was wonderful last night!! :) Ate around 11pm, 2am, and then 730!! And mark got up at the 2am one so I got sooo much sleep!! It was great!! I really haven't felt this well rested in... sooo long!! :) I'm so proud of my little baby!!

Monday, September 29, 2008


ok im going to make this blog a little short and sweet because I just laid Lowell down on our bed, and I know in just a short amount of time he will wake up cuz he's not right next to daddy or mommy with one of us touching him! he's so picky! haha, but you really can't help but love his cute little self!! Anyways, lately his tummy hasn't been feeling too good, he cries a lot like he is in a bit of discomfort so my first thought was that he may have been constipated... but he poops like once a day & its not hard but pasty... (sorry to go in detail.. haha), but really I think he's still backed up. I gave him a little bit of pedialyte and also a few drops of mylicon to see if it'd help things but it hasn't yet... other than that he's been doing great, just a left shoulder kinda boy, haha always wanting to be held on my left shoulder with me standing up, patting his butt! at least it gives me a good little work out! anyways here are some pics.... enjoy!!



I love my little man!!

he loves being outside, so we put him in his
swing while facing it towards outside :)

soooooo tired!!!!

I love these feet!!!

his little smirk :)

kissy lips


the all famous "ooo" lips! :)
mark thinks he's zoolander.. haha

Being silly!!

Hanging out on Dada!

His favorite place to SMILE!!!

First time trying out this thing....
he was so entertained!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What A Week!!

This week has been the best week yet, since Lowell has been home! He truly has developed so much into his own little person this past week!! It's been amazing & such a blessing to see happen!! Of course he started coo-ing & then on Thursday, the day we went to sac, he totally started smiling. Not just little smiles, full on smiling when you lay him down & talk to him!! Now every morning it's been his routine to wake up smiling, and his all time favorite spot is on the changing table, who would have thought.. haha!! I lay him down to change him & he just cracks himself up.... and does it for at least 5 minutes! Mark & I enjoy it soooo much!! It makes our day!!

Well also I have been apart of this yahoo group for micro preemie moms, and lately I have realized how fortunate Mark and I are as parents to have a pretty healthy baby. Of course we've had to go through seeing our little guy have multiple surgeries, but that in the long run hasn't changed our future permanently with him! I read about moms whos kids are on oxygen, or have trachs, and still have g-tubes to feed them... the list goes on! I never take for granite how great of a son I have, and I think that all of you have helped Mark & I stay the strong parents that we are today! Of course no one knows the future, whos to say he doesn't have delayed developmental skills... with talking or walking, but really.. I hold a high outlook for the future. Thanks all of you for keeping us so strong!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Trip Back To The NICU!

So today we went down to Sac for Lowell's routinely eye appointments (every 2 weeks), that went pretty well but I was hoping they would say that everything looked good and is where it needs to be! But that wasnt the case, we have to go back in 2 weeks :( Bummer!! But they did say that it is progressing in the right direction, so hey at least there is a bit of good news! While we were there we ran into our friend Ali, who had a little boy in the NICU! They got discharged 2 days after us, so it was great to see them because we didn't get to say bye. And after that we meet up with Tiffany and her little girl Trinity (from the NICU), we both decided we wanted to go back to the NICU & say "hi" to everyone since it had been almost a month since we had left... We couldn't have picked a better day.. I got to see EVERYONE I wanted to!! It was great... & so the picture story begins... :)

1st we saw Lowell's primary nurse, Allison (she was our favorite) :]

Then we got to see Pat, How FUN! Lowell always was good with her
(plus she made us an awesome scrapbook!!)

Then we meet up with Heather,
she has her two twin boys still in the NICU,
but are getting big & looking great!!

Oh like I said we were hangin with Tiff & Trinity this whole time :)

Lowell hung out in his carseat while I went
back to go see the cute little twins (tyler & parker)

Here is nurse Emily!! She was Lowell's VERY FIRST
nurse after he got trasffered to UC Davis!

Then he got to visit with nurse Nancy who became his
best friend right before discharge (he was smiling)

The we FINALLY made it home.. he was a tired boy!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Picture Day!!

Yesterday we went to sears and got some pictures of Lowell done, I was disappointed a little at the way they turned out. I only liked a couple of them so we went back today and got some more pics done. Lowell did very well and didn't cry at all.. Although he did manage to pee all over 4 different props, a fluffy white blanket, a blue blanket, a white pillow, and this black velvet back drop that flows down onto the floor. Haha it was quite funny!! Anyways he has been doing great, besides the occasional fits due to acid reflex :( Theyre mainly right in the middle of the night, so its really hard because I feel like I don't ever get a good night of sleep, thankfully Mark and I have been getting a hang of a good routine, where he takes care of him til about 2 or 4, and after then I take care of him for the rest of the day until about 9 or 10 at night... Of course he helps take care of him during the day :) I just try and help out the most so he can get what he needs to get done, dont. Today I bought a mobby wrap, hoping it will help me be able to have him on me and still get a few things done around here because during the day he is constantly awake and wanting to be held, his swing only keeps him satisfied for so long until he realizes he isn't being held. He also gets too excited about his binkie while swinging and it is constantly falling out of his mouth & when its not in his mouth.. he is upset! haha, so we'll see how this wrap works out for us! I'm trying to get dad into using it too, I hear its a really good way to be able to be hands free & still bond with your baby. I'll have to letcha all know how it works out, for now I am off to go try and get some rest... :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Smiling Baby

I meant to tell you guys yesterday that on Monday Lowell started to voice himself a little bit for the first time, you can tell he's still trying to figure out the whole "cooing", by ooo-ing his lips but he's getting there. Its so soft and cute of little noises, I love it!! & then today he smiled for the first time!! Well not THE FIRST time, because he's smiled tooooons of times before (especially when you talk to him when hes about to fall asleep), but this time was me holding him and saying "hey booo booo" & he totally loved it and smiled... over and over again!! It was such a great bonding moment dismorning!! Yay!!! I'm so excited that he is learning new things, but at the same time it really is getting me.... I don't know what the word for how I feel would be... but its kind of a nervous feeling. I start freaking out inside a little bit at the fact he is growing soooo fast! Its really scary to me just because he's not my LITTLE baby anymore, although I know it's a good thing its just something I'm scared about. Hopefully i'll over come it though.....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Growing so fast!!

I love his kissy lip face
Lowell in his all time favorite swing

Mark, Lowell & I @ Logan's Roadhouse (monday)
Lowell & I

Brooke & her baby bump, Lowell & I,
Brit & Baby Kyla, & Kim & Alyssa

Tab, Cari, Lowell & I

In his carseat on our way to Redding

This is his "poop face"

jenny kenzie, lowell & i

passed out

Lowell started his new med prevacid a few days ago & his acid reflex seems to be doing better. He's only spit up a couple times, but it seems as though his tummy has been a lot more upset which make his little tushie hurt cuz hes going potty all the time. Also he has been baring down like hes constipated when he is in the middle of eatting. Although his surgeon doctor said that is common to happen it seems pretty weird to me, I took a picture (UP THERE^^) that shows ya what he looks like.. Hmm hopefully soon we will find a balance & he will get back to his normal self of feeling good!!

Monday was Brittnee's Bday & we all went out to dinner.. It was fun! Lowell actually did very good! Then on Wednesday we went to Redding because we had to go get some stuff with Far Northern. Everyone there loved him!! :) It was a very long day, we left at 9 and didnt end up getting home until 5, I was so proud of Lowell he did amazing & slept for most the day. & then yesterday was his 1st time meeting Tabitha, Cari, Laina & Jenny! WHAT A BIG DAY!!

As of now he is passed out in his swing.. He LOVES that thing!! :)

I'm going to try & post blogs every morning rather than every night because I have noticed I get waay to tired at night to stay up and write about my day...