Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Time Out!

The "IM SO FULL" look

Daddy feeding the baby his required but yuckie formula (Neosure)

Our 1st time out

Home sweet home!

Last night was great! Even though I didnt get as much sleep as I typically due, it was well worth it! I love having my son home, its the best thing ever!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

DISCHARGE DAY!!! :) :) :)

Today was the BIG DAY!!! Lowell got discharged!! It almost seemed as though forever until we finally got out of there, but we happily did so once we got the ok. Our day consisted of packing up my car with the last little bits of what was in our hotel room, while going over to the hospital to spend some time with Lowell, to watching a couple movies that we had to watch before discharge... to getting all his meds from the pharmacy, then getting the low-down on what all to do once Lowell gets home.. to finally being able to leave the all famous uc davis nicu!

While in the process of being discharged i ran into one of the other mommies in the NICU that I have become very good friends with, Tiffany, well today her baby Trinity, i came to find out, was being discharged as well! I was so excited!!!! we have been waiting for this day to come for months & months & months & who would have thought it was going to be THE SAME DAY! what a wonderful experience!!

Anyways the car ride home went smoother than expected, he slept the whooole way, well with the exception on a few twists & turns & a pop of a binkie in the mouth.. but i was soo proud of him!!! :) about 8 pm, we finally arrived home to our little house being decorated with balloons & posters, it was great!! :)
(A bit upset to be leaving the NICU)

(On our way out.....)
(Leaving the hospital.. just a little cross eyed ;).. )

We are now proud to say that our family is home, TOGETHER AT LAST!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

excited for tomorrow

Lowell.. About to sneeze :)
Holding his own bottle

little HERO

Tonight Lowell weighed in at 7 pounds 11 ounces, & we got the news that we probably are getting discharged tomorrow, we are sooo excited!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So just a few hours ago we found out that Lowell will be coming home this weekend!! They havent picked a day, but are saying Saturday or Sunday.. We're hoping for Saturday!! :) Other than that he is now up to full feeds of eating how ever much he would like, hes not taking as much as he was before surgery but thats ok! Hes taking about 2 ounces & thats good, considering what hes been through with his surgery. Hmmmm well I am sooo overwhelmed with joy that this day is finally coming!! Today its been 17 weeks exactly since he was born... I say 17 weeks in a NICU is long enough ;) haha! Well I will keep you guys posted on the latest news of him coming home!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great Day!

Sooo today they decided not to have him go ad-lib feedings but have him go up to 60 mLs (2 ounces) every 4 hours, his little body seems to be handling it pretty well :) & im sure he cant wait until they will let him eat however much he wants!! haha, other than that tonight they are taking him completely off the TPN which was going through a PICC line, they are going to continue to have the PICC line in with 1 mL of a saline solution flowing through it so the picc doesnt get clogged, in a few days they more than likely will take it out, they just want to keep the line available in case something happens.. PICC lines are better than an IV line. Anywhoo I forgot to get his weight tonight, but I will for sure remember to get what it it tomorrow night & let you all know.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Going up...

Lowell is moving back up in this world!! :) Went up to 30 mLs every 4 hours.. When I found out I was a bit concerned and tried calling the surgeon to ask if it was ok that they jumped up so high with feedings, the neonatal doctor called me back and told me that Dr. Gates wasnt on call for this week but Dr Underwood (another surgeon) was & that he left it up to the NICU doctors to decided what to do with feedings. I trust the NICU doctors, but just was worried they went up so fast after just hearing they were going to go slow & stay at 8 for a few more days. Anywho, they also said that if he continues to do well with this 30 mLs, they will move him up to FULL FEEDS tomorrow!! :) that means he will be able to eat how ever much he wants whenever he wants, which is awesome!!! Honestly I could not be any happier!! This means he will be home before we know it, all he's got to do is prove to them he can handle full feedings!! We'll see how things turn out tonight with feeds & I will update you guys tomorrow..

Much Love,

Monday, August 25, 2008


So tomorrow I have a dentist appointment that I have to go to, that I was going to back out of going to but decided I should just get it over with before Lowell comes home cuz then I'll have to get someone to watch him. To say the least I am soooo upset! I miss him waaaay too much, I called to check on him a few hours ago & he was balling his eyes out in the background :( I feel so horrible I just wanna go drive down there & hold him all night long, but I know thats not possible if I want to do my errands & appointments tomorrow :( This is just horrible, I cannot wait to see him tomorrow!! They said that as of yesterday he is completely off his morphine, YAY finally!! They also were going to go up in feeds but decided to keep him at 8 mLs for about 2-3 more days & see how well his little body continues to handle it! Hmm what else.... I think thats it, besides I MISS HIM!! :( I really hope I can sleep tonight!!

Oooh yeah & today Mark & I got our dog, or well puppy.... he's been at his sisters house because we've been putting it off cuz we needed to get our yard finished before we brought him here, on top of it I think I just kept on discouraging the thought of us getting a puppy right now.. Its waaay too much for me to even think about handling, only because we have a newborn & havent even brought him home!! :( I really wanted to bring Lowell home before our pup (Gus). He is a..... (hold your jaws for a second)... Saint Bernard. I know we're crazy, right? I think we are, but he really is the cutest thing you will ever see :) & mark was and still is IN LOVE with him! There was no budging him off of the thought that we werent getting the dog. haha & truthfully he is starting to grow on me a bit, I just told Mark that he is responsible for food & cleaning up after Gus, not me... I've got Lowell to do all that stuff with :) haha, also that he's not aloud in the house... I'm not being too harsh, am I? :)
(here is mark giving him a bath right when he got to our house....)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Little Fussy!

Sooo Lowell has this thing where he has this "sense" when I am there, when I go to leave after I have tucked him all in... He will start to cry once I leave his side. Its cute, but so hard at the same. I feel so bad leaving because I know he wants me there :( Today I came home to get a few things done (new breaks, muffler checked, medi-cal stuff, regional center paperwork, books for my fall semester classes at butte, etc), but in the mean time I couldn't & cant stop thinking about my little boy. I miss him sooo much & really hope hes not crying cuz im not there to tuck him in tonight! He is just soooo darling, I could probably repeat myself about it a million and one times. They said today that they were going to transfer him out of the Lion room & into the Bear room (where my other mom friend Tiffany is with her adorable daughter trinity), we were soooo excited!!! But then they got at least 3 more babies admitted so our spot in that room got filled :( bummer!! I really hope that tomorrow we can get moved into that room!! Also today they were going to go up on his feeds, but decided to stay where they are at with 8 mLs because they want his tummy to fully be able to adjust to feedings. :( I was hoping they would go up, but Dr.Gates said he really wants them to go up on feeds slowly, which is understandable! Anyways just about another week or two & we will be out of here... I CANT WAIT!!

(He loves being face down on my chest, it is the cutest thing!!)

Saturday, August 23, 2008


What a surprise we got today when we discovered they decided to let Lowell start his feedings! Oh my goodness he is sooo excited at the thought he gets to eat again. Its only 8 mLs (before surgery he was up to 90-120mL) but hey I think he will take whatever he can get! ;) It was so cute when I fed him for the 1st time (since last Monday), he sat there and chowed the whole 8 mLs down in seconds, but every gulp he took he rolled his eyes back as if it was the best thing he had ever had in his life.. It was great!! :)

Sooo today my mommy & I went to babiesrus with the intention of only being there for a little bit, haha, yeah about 4 hours later, and a huge bag full of stuff, we managed to get out of there. Lowell got some pretty good stuff ;). haha! One of the main items we went in there for was fingernail clippers (dun-dun-dun), yes the all famous dreadful clippers! I know that alot of mommies are scared to clip those babies nails, but me, oh no I knew I'd be just fine, & I was! I'm glad he can finally stop scratching his face & poor little legs up. I've been asking the nurses to clip them but they said that cliping their nails is one baby "care" they are not aloud to do.

While doing his nightly cares we weighed him & he was 7lbs 8oz.. So he's gone down a few, but thats normal because he has been having alot of fluids go in him.

Well off to bed I am, I'm so tired out from today... Love you all & thanks for all the wonderful comments!

Sleeping like an Angel!

Today was another good day for Lowell. I just left his angelic little self! :) I got some great pictures of him with his hands all close up to his face in a prayer like position, oh he is so darling!! I melt everytime I see him!! Speaking of seeing him, when I got there for his cares at 8 tonight I changed his diaper to discover no poop, I was sooo bummed out. But within a few seconds he started smiling and acting all cute & I just KNEW he had pooped for me, I checked & he did!! I got to FINALLY change my first poopy diaper, now its gunna be daddy's turn :)!! I guess last night after I had left he left the nurse a great little (or well big) gift! :) I laughed when I had called at 3am to check on him.. She said it was funny & that her other baby (parker) had left her a great little gift as well. :) go boys!!! Auntie Jen & G-ma Michelle (..were thinking about maybe calling her Mimi for her "grandma" name) came to visit today. My mom had a great 1/2 hour hanging out with him while I went to go visit with some other mommies & pump the all famous "baby food"... Lowell still has yet to start eating but they are thinking that within the next 2-3 days the will be able to start his feedings, & after that there is no where to go but up!! After he gets up to full feeds we will be able to go home, YAY!!! Also today I brought this basketball hoop that clips to the side of the crib that I had at our house, the nurses all were talking about how cool it is & how he is the 1st baby to have his own basketball hoop. haha, he is going to be a good bball player when he grows up! (hes def. got the big hands for it!) Anyways, nothing else is really new... Hes just now been doing SO GREAT!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Oh my goodness today was a wonderful day!! Im so happy its indescribable!! My little man FINALLY pooped, Woo Hoo his first poopy diaper. Allison was the one to change it around 11, and i got there around 1130 & just missed it.. BuMmEr!! But I still saw it!! Haha!! Im so excited because that means that things are working again!! Dr. Gates came in while transporting a different baby in from surgery & I had to brag.. He indeed was very very excited as well. They finally can take the tube out of his mouth tomorrow, the tube has been all the way to his tummy constantly sucking whatever is in his tummy out (like spit & stuff) because they didnt want anything going through his intestine while it was healing. If things continue going smooth they said they will start feeds in a few days.. I am so happy, I really cant get over it. My son is so strong!!! The eye doctor was supposed to call me about his eye appointment today, but still has yet to... But I talked briefly to the nurse about it & she said that he felt things were not totally correct with yesterdays exam, he still has a little bit of an eye problem but nothing too serious like they were saying yesterday. They said for now they are just going to watch it, but definitely wont have to do any surgery right now... Thats a relief! Anyways I really had a great day with Lowell today, watching him fall asleep in my arms has got to be one of the best feelings ever! God truly has blessed me with an amazing little baby!! While I was holding him he was messing with my fingers and was "trying" to figure out what they were & then the cutest thing happened, he decided to grasp on to my pointer finger & shove it in his mouth to suck on.. haha! I found it quite amusing while I snaped a few pictures of it, he really loved it! haha, well anywhooo there are these really adorable twins in the NICU & there mom & dad are on this website & write each & every night & it really got me to think of how I wish I did that! From now on I am going to get on this site & write about whats new going on with Lowell a lot more than I am now, so keep on reading & leave us some comments because we love to hear from you all.....

eye appointment

So right now we're waiting on the ophthalmologist to check Lowell's eyes. He called the NICU about an hour ago and said he would be up to look at Lowell soon. We can't, or well don't want to, be in the room when they do the eye exam. Ive heard its really hard to watch (even for the nurses), they have to clamp open the baby's eyes and stuff :( But I'm really glad that they do this, because they are able to catch stuff like they do. Anyways once we hear back from the dr we will let you all know. We're praying for good news, news like this eye problem is nothing serious. They were telling us last night that ROP is based off a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the worst it can be and they felt yesterday it was between a 2 & 3. Hopefully today they will still feel its around there, if not lower.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

With the good, there's always some bad :(

So lately Lowell has been having problems with his intestine not getting "back to normal" since surgery. Its been swollen to about 37-38cm, when normally its about 35, Mark & I have been very worried about the possibility of another surgery and have been praying for it to resolve itself, which we feel it finally did. The past 2 days he slowly started passing gas, I dont think I ever thought I would be SOOOO excited about someone passing gas!! haha!! Its been wonderful though, that means nothing but good things! So today his belly got to 35.5, which is awesome! :) We were sooo happy about his progress over night! To then find out tonight that during his eye exam (he gets one every 2 weeks), things didnt look so great. They told us that he MAY have to have surgery on his eyes because he has ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) they said that this condition is where small blood vessels in the eye grow abnormally. To say the least Mark & I have ONCE AGAIN felt the feeling of the NICU "roller coaster". Once something goes good, you get to take another step back down because something new occurs. Its hard to be on the more intensive care side, because some of the old feelings of when Lowell was younger come back, but at the same time I really love it because he gets so much more attention & the nurses are wonderful cuz they have less babies to take care of. (plus our favorite nurse Allison is on the lion room side:) we love her!!). Anyways, we really are hoping this eye problem is nothing serious, it really is the last thing we need occurring right now. All we want to do is take our baby home!! Hopefully they will be able to start his feedings soon, he is getting to be a hungry little boy! That pacifier has definitely became his BEST FRIEND!! :) haha, well I will keep you all posted as best I can.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


So they just told me that Lowell MAY have to go back in for surgery if things dont start getting better with his tummy... Its getting larger & larger due to gas building up in there... :( my poor baby!! They just gave him a saline enema to try and see if that will help get things going and push that air out of there but said that if that doesn't work and his tummy still continues to get bigger that by tomorrow they will probably know what they are for sure going to do.. I really hope it resolves its self & he doesn't have to go back under :( Please pray for him & his little body to start working properly idk what i am going to do if he has to go back to surgery....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

:( Slowly getting better

Lowell is slowly getting better. Its really taking him alot longer than I thought, but thats ok. They extibated him (took the tube out of his throat) thursday night, his chest was a little tight & he was having a hard time breathing but he has gotten better. I also noticed all thursday that his head was very swollen and he could barely open his eyes :( they gave him a laxative and he got rid of alot of the fluids & started looking alot better on friday. He also got a blood transfusion on thursday because his red blood count was down. I'm hoping he will start acting like hes feeling better soon! i havent been able to hold him since before surgery & its tearing me up inside :(!! I miss him so much! His belly is still swollen, they said that in the xrays it looks like everything is healing up inside he just has tons of gas stuck in there that hasnt been released, once his bowels start to get going and working again the gas will be able to pass through & he will have a bowel movement. so lets hope for the best that he passes this gas soon because its been making him very uncomfortable to where everytime he moves his heart rate drops & then his oxygen level does too..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

day after surgery

Lowell is doing pretty good. Things have been rough for me
because I have to see him at the state he is in :( not moving and
highly medicated on morphine. But I understand that its what is best for
him to keep him from being so miserable. Right now he just got back from
an MRI they wanted to take advantage of him being so relaxed and get
that done because they have to do one before discharge anyways. We won't
know the results until tomorrow on how that went. So right now were
just trying to let him get his rest so he can heal up quickly to come
home!! :) its very difficult to go from holding and touching him all the
time to not touching him at all & just watching him lie there. He is
still has a tube down his throat with ventilator helping him breathe,
they're thinking about leaving it in until tomorrow so he does less work by
trying to breathe. He also is still in an open bed that has a heater
above it helping him maintain his body heat, by tomorrow they're also
hoping 2 have him back in his crib. Other than that he has 2 IV sites in
him where they are feeding him TPN which is helping him with putting
calories in him so his body will keep functioning. (he had it when he was
1st born too) they are going to be putting a PIC line in tonight which
also is a familiar thing to us from when he was littler. They put a
catheter in to keep track of his urine output & also make it easier for
him to go to the bathroom because if he had to do it on his own it would
be a bit harder due to all the abdomen pressure from surgery. His tummy
has swollen up a bit but that is normal to happen, its slowly going
down. Its so weird not having to change his diaper or take his temp
anymore. Well I will try & keep u updated as best as I can. Love you all!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

after surgery

Lowell has been doing fine, just very out of it. He came out of surgery with a very low temperature. It was 34.5 C, and it is supposed to be between 36.5-37 C. He looked very pale, but the doctors said that within time he would start looking better. Im just happy that he is doing ok. I will update more when I have time.


So they just transported Lowell down to the operating room. We were able to walk down there with him until it was just about time for him to go into the room, he slept the whole time going down there & while waiting for surgery, which was a very good thing. I think hes very tired from not sleeping well because he has been hungry. I felt so sad seeing him go off to surgery, I think this time is harder than last because last time he was only 2 weeks old and it was still up in the air if he was going to make it or not & this time I know that hes been doing just wonderful. Well we can only hope for good things, thanks everyone for their prayers today. Hopefully the surgery will only take about 2 1/2 hours. He went in around 11, but they just came out & said they really are just now starting (its 12).


Hello Everyone,
Update on Lowell.. Last night they flushed out his system with fluids.. We had to change his diaper & empty out his bag every 30 minutes.. He now is just on an IV drip which he will continue 2 be on til after surgery. He hasn't been sleeping well at all & has been fussy which is probably because they stopped feeding him & because of the fluid they gave him 2 clean him out (I forget the name). Anyways they are just about 2 transfer him onto the more critical side of the NICU. Back into the lion room which is where he first was when he got transferred here. They hope to have surgery around 1030. They're giving themselves a 3 hour block but it should be less than 3 hours. I'm very nervous but excited at the same time. After all this is the surgery we have been waiting for! Hopefully he will be home in around 10 days!! We've been here a little over 100 days & are more than ready 2 come home! Anyways I will keep you all posted during or after surgery.. Keep up those prayers!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wow time flys by!!!

So Lowell is now 14 weeks old and just hit 6 pounds!! Woo Hoo!! His surgery is schedule for this up coming Tuesday the 12th. They were supposed to have it sooner, but they couldnt schedule it any sooner, which then made me and mark get into a little bit of a rut, because as soon as they discovered his surgery wouldnt be til the 12th (which was on the 4th), they decided to tell us we would then need to go home & come back on surgery day. (*WHAT THE HECK*) is exactly what we were thinking, it would have been one thing if all along they were telling us it would be a possibility that he could come home before his surgery, but they never, i mean NEVER even proposed to us that it could be a possibility of happening, they just told us he needed to leave & that was the 1st time we even knew it could happen before his surgery. To say the least mark and I were very stressed out, we went back to our hotel and I cried. I was happy I could take him home, but upset because our house was not yet finished being remodeled and also I had yet to have my baby shower to get him anything. :( I was really scared he would come home & some how get sick & not be able to get his surgery done, & that scared me because this surgery is what we have been waiting for all this time! So the next day Lowell's doctor came & talked to me (dr gates) & told me that he & 2 other doctors spoke & that he was to stay until his surgery, that left me relieved! Then that same night the nurse practitioner told me that they decided Lowell was to leave, I explained over & over that the doctor said no but she said that things changed. I was sooo confused, and with that confusion mark & I realized we'd have to get through all this & get lowell home, so we packed up our whole hotel room the next morning & headed over to the hospital to say goodbye to lowell so we could get home & get things in order for him to come home to. While we were there another doctor came by & I asked him why things changed & why we were going home & he said WHAT!! You guys are to stay... At that point we had, had enough! This was horrible of what they were putting us through, they told us its final that we are staying until surgery, but we still went back home & unloaded the car so we have things ready when he does come home. Which they are saying will be about 7-10 days after surgery.. We are shooting for the 22nd of this month :) WOo Hoo!! Im very excited!! Our baby shower is going to be this Sunday in chico, at a park! Lots of friends & some family are coming, it should be fun! Im ready to get some things for Lowell & finish getting everything together! Him FINALLY coming home is getting me excited!! Oh yeah & I forgot to tell you all that last Wednesday (7/30) we got to room in at the hospital with Lowell. Rooming in means we got to stay in a room (had a tv, bed, bathroom, etc) & Lowell gets to have his crib in there with us & he is not hooked up to anything!! It was sooo awesome to have him for the 1st time not monitored at all, but it was very hard for me to sleep because I kept on waking up and checking on him because I thought he wasnt breathing. Its crazy how much you get used to those monitors being on & being able to know what exactly is going on with you baby. But that rooming in experience was so nice, getting to lay and cuddle with our baby was an experience we will never forget!! Anyways I am on my way back to the hospital, my little boy is growing up way too fast it seems. I send my love to you all!! x0x0x0x