Friday, July 25, 2008

12 weeks old!!

So yesterday Lowell was 12 weeks.. he is getting so chunky! He weighed in at 4 lbs 9 oz, can you believe it!! He is gaining about 2 ounces a day. As of monday he became ad-lib, which is he can eat however much he wants, whenever he wants. He eats anywhere from 60-80 mL a feeding, and his feedings are about 3-4 hours apart. He also hit 2 kilos on weds which is what they were waiting for, to determine surgery on putting his intestine back together. The surgeons were suppose to come in yesterday and examine him but they never came, hopefully they will today because I really am wanting to know when his surgery will be. It's kind of like the sooner the surgery the sooner he will be able to come home! I dont want to rush things, because I want the surgeons to be completely comfortable. Well today I dressed him in a cute little yellow outfit, he looks soo adorable! He seriously is starting to get so big, FINALLY getting his double chin ;] Also today they put a "hugs tag" on him, which is a thing that goes on his ankle & if its tampered with or if it gets close to a door way it goes off within the whole unit. Its just for security reason, which is a good & bad thing cuz sometimes it a pain to get clothes, such as socks over.. haha!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Almost Time For Surgery!

Lowell is growing more and more as each minute passes by! He is now 3 lbs 14 oz! The doctors were saying when he hits about 2 kilos (4lbs 4oz) he will get examined for his surgery, which could be in less than a week. After then surgery could be any day! I'm guessing about a week & 1/2 and he will have his surgery, I am veerrrry nervous :( I try not to think about it! Hmm well anywho I was meaning to tell you all in my last blog that he has NO TUBES!! As of Monday they took out his feeding tube! He is completely breast/bottle feeding all of his feeds. Is he just amazing or what? :) I'm such a proud momma!! I heard him sneeze the most I ever have today, 4 sneezes in a row! & also he had the loudest burb ever today, I was so excited! :) haha, well I got to get back to him and feed him, then get back to the hotel to sleep for a couple hours.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Picture Perfect!!

I think Mark & I have definitely got a picture perfect baby! Isn't he just to cutest thing you have ever seen? Lots of people say their baby is the cutest baby ever, but literally Lowell IS the cutest baby EVER! That picture proves it!! Sooo anyways new updates on our little Lowell.. Saturday June 28th he hit 3 lbs.. Woo Hoo!!! Then Sunday the 29th he was 35 weeks & I got to try truly breastfeeding him & he latched on perfectly!! What an amazing little guy!! Then my grandma (great grandma bee) came to visit us for the 1st time on Monday the 30th!! She got to hold him, what a touching moment! He did so awesome with her holding him :) Also that evening I gave him a full bath all by myself!! He loved it, didn't cry one bit! Then low and behold Tuesday rolled around and Lowell was 2 months old!! The 4th of July was Lowell's 2nd holiday to be here in the world for ;) ..because we have to count May Day since that's the day he was born. But on the forth of July he was 3lbs 3oz.... As the next week progressed he went up on his feedings, he finally got to eat one whole ounce on Thursday (he was 10 weeks old).. Now he is up to 34 mL every 3 hours. When i'm not breastfeeding him he bottle feeds & he is doing wonderful with that!! Its really hard to not be there for his feeding, just knowing that someone else is there holding him and feeding him makes me really sad (*that's my job!!*), but at the same time its hard to only get 2 hours of rest & wake back up, go over 2 the hospital, get back 2 the hotel.. sleep for 2 more hours... so on & so forth. Daddy changed Lowells diaper all by himself & got him dressed too on last Monday the 7th :) It was so awesome! Hmmm well as of tonight he is 3 lbs 12 ounces!! Its ALMOST time for surgery!! :) Its getting to now be a little scary for me, him coming home is starting to feel more real, before it seemed so far away, now it might be about a month & 1/2 (if everything goes well with his surgery). He still is in an isolate, but will be moving to a crib when he is 2 kilos (about 4 lbs 4 oz) which also about the time he's going in for surgery. I will let you all know once hes going to be having his surgery so we can double those prayers!! Thanks everyone for your support, Lowell is living proof that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!