Thursday, June 26, 2008

Great News!!

Lowell is almost completely clear of tubes!! :] Only one left & that's his feeding tube, but hopefully he will begin fully breastfeeding/bottle feeding SOON!! Tuesday Lowell got taken off the nasal cannula. He is now completely breathing ON HIS OWN!! His first time going a whole day with no help of a machine of some sort! And ever since he has been taken off he has been doing amazing! Today he is now two whole months old!! (going week by week, not date by date). He is getting to be soooo soooo big! Hes now 2 lbs 14 oz.. ALLLLMOST 3 POUNDS!! Yay for little man, that 3 lb mark is going to be a great milestone! I cannot wait to take him home! hopefully he'll get to 4 1/2 lbs soon so we can get his surgery over with & look forward to him improving so we can get his tiny self home! :] Today I gave him a bath (for my 2nd time), but this time i got to take him out and bathe him in a little tub instead of having it be a sponge bath in his bed.. He did awesome! He never ever cries, its very impressing! When he does decide to cry its only a little fuss & not even for that long.. The nurses keep telling me how good and happy of a baby he is! I must agree myself. Anyways I posted pictures of him if you go all the down this page, they aren't really in any order other than the ones towards the top are more recent than the ones towards the bottom, my goal is to get them in correct order next time I'm on here... Well I'm off to bed.. Best wishes to you all...

x0x0x0x Courtney!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Lowell as of two days ago is back on breast milk!! Yay!!! I'm very proud of him!! He also 2 days ago hit his "one pound mark", he was then 2 lb 10 oz! He now is 2 lbs 11 oz, he is getting to be soooo big!! Its adorable!! :] Mark held him for the first time on Father's Day (which is the picture there to the right), what an amazing experience for him & Lowell! You can tell he loves his Daddy very much, he was smiling almost the entire time! ... Within this last week Lowell has developed the habit of SMILING!! :] Its absolutely wonderful! When you hold him he will smile so so much, he enjoys when we hold him! It really has kept Mark & I enjoying life a bit more each and every day! Other than that, there really is nothing new going on. He has been able to maintain his breathing very well, with occasional desats, but only on about 23% oxygen throughout the day. Their goal is to slowly weain him down on his oxygen level to where he is breathing on his own with no help of O2, but he has to keep maintaining his oxygen level before they can do that... (which he slowly is doing right now, he can get his oxygen level back up to normal after he desats, with no help of them raising the amount of oxygen through his nasal cannula). Anyways.. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and help. It is my goal to finally start getting out "Thank you letters" soon! Its really been on my mind, but I just now am feeling like I'm caught up a little more on life. Before it felt like I was always having paperwork due somewhere & needing to go to an office for an appointment after that. I also started taking college classes online to keep myself still going in school, it doesn't seem like its taking too much of my time, but just enough! :] Well I will try & continue to keep everyone posted on here....

Much Love,

Oooh yes & I talked to the doctor last night about starting breastfeeding, or actually its a non-nutritional breastfeeding (where his isn't "eating", hes just trying to figure out how to feed- they wont start actual breastfeeding until after 34 weeks, he is 32 week & 4 days today).. But the doctor said that on Monday if he is doing well I will probably be able to try the non-nutritional breastfeeding... I'm very excited!! So lets all pray that Lowell keeps up his wonderful work & stays on track of developing like he is.. :]

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day!!

So its 1am & Mark & I just got back to the hotel from seeing our little baby! my goodness, I probably could brag FOREVER about him!! I definitely am one proud momma!! While holding him tonight I got really close to him & was talking to him so softly & he was smiling.. a lot! it was beyond precious!! :] He is so very amazing, I really cant wait for all of my family to finally meet him, even though it probably wont be for a couple months for some of you... but even if it ends up being a couple months i promise you (times a million) its going to be worth the wait, hes such a tough little feisty fighter.. you will be hypnotized by how incredibly wonderful he is...

Sooooo today is now officially Daddy's day.. WooHooo!! Marks very 1st Daddy's day! He finally has come to the point where he feels comfortable to hold our little guy.. So today will be the day!! What an awesome day to do it on!! Im very very excited!!

Well some updates on little Lowell.... He (as of yesterday) got changed off of breast milk :[ His gut wasn't digesting the breast milk correctly so they placed him on a formula that is easier for him to digest. (hes still taking 22 mLs though) & also today he was desating (desaturating-his oxygen level was going low) a lot, so they got kinda worried & took blood labs & what not & placed him on two different antibiotics, just incase he has an infection.. But they so far haven't found anything wrong but it will take a few days for the infection lab cultures to have results.. they suctioned out his nose really well (after the labs) as well and they got a big boogie, so they think that might have been what was clogging him from breathing well.. I hope that was the problem, I really dont want my little man to be sick again.. Hmmm well anyways I got to get to bed, I have a big day ahead of me...... Goodnight!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hard Night...

Yay, so Ive been able to hold Lowell whenever I want now, it is soooo awesome!! I enjoy looking at him in my arms, I dont ever want to put him down! Yesterday he got taken off of the CPAP & just onto a small little nasal cannula, ive never seen him with this little of tubing!! I love it!! Seeing him do ALOT better makes me miss him a thousand times more when I leave to go back to the hotel :[ These past couple nights have really been getting to me, especially tonight. I didnt want to leave the hospital, but I know that I need my rest at the same time! I'm very emotional right now, I'm not too worried about the huge fire thats going on in my town.. I just miss Mark alot! Him being there & me being here is VERY hard on me, and is definitely something I'm needing to get used to. He (as of yesterday) is starting to work on putting our studio together (redoing a bunch of things), the owner is going to deduct all his work off our rent so we will be set for no rent for a couple months.. so that'll be nice!! Buuuut onto what I realized tonight.. Lowell (baby lowell) is expected to be coming home around his due date, August 10th.... but then today I started doing some calculations in my head &.. he has to have his intestinal surgery when he hits about 4 1/2 lbs & right now he's almost 2 1/2 lbs (2 lbs 6 oz tonight), and although right now he is eating 22 mL every 3 hours, he is only gaining about 1/2 - 1 oz a day... so he wont hit 4 1/2 lbs til about the end of next month probably.. then after surgery I asked the dr tonight how long til he can come home & he said about a month.. If not even longer cuz they will have to re-start his feedings & gradually increase his intake on them... sooo needless to say I am pretty bummed out!!! :( its difficult to think that he probably wont be home now til about September.... I just want him home sooo badly!!! I want to be able to just snuggle him all up whenever I want and rock him to sleep & not have to keep going to the hospital to do it.... Gosh I just love him sooo much, and am VERY proud of his progress but really want to feel like he is my own child & not the nurse's as well. I love them & thank them a trillion times for being the wonderful people that they are & for taking such good care of my precious little one, but still... sometimes I wish I just had him to myself & I was able to tend to all of his needs..... Its ok, he will be back home & ok in no time.. Right? .........RIGHT!! Just keep those prayers -a- flowing..... :]

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Best Week Yet!!!

This past week has been the best week yet!! Little Lowell turned one month old on Sunday (the 1st) & I got to hold him for the 1st time that day!!! ;] He is soooo darling!!! & then on Wednesday I got to hear him cry for the 1st time because they took out the tube in his throat (with his ventilator) & put him on a CPAP. Ooooh things have been going soo well, yesterday they changed his bed & put him in an isolate so he now will regulate his own body temperature and not have an overhead heater.. I am soooo proud of my son, he is the most amazing person I know.. So strong!! I got to hold him for the 2nd time today :] He makes me happier than ever! I can't wait for tomorrow to come, they are going to have me try & do the "kangaroo" holding.. where him & I are skin to skin, it is going to be awesome! Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to start breastfeeding, I am sooo tired of just having to pump :[ It's encouraging cuz I know my little guy is getting good nutrition, but its hard cuz he's not right with me to nurse... Anywhooo Off to bed I am....